Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cemburu gila

Hi guys...long time no update...right?hmmm..its all because im really really really busy.hahaha.... (tah apa tah yang busy nya) im gonna tell you is about my jelousy..just roomate always talked with her Awww....if I can be like her.. oh damn good babe.just fiancee will call me if there's an important thing to say.yaaarrrgghh!!! How come weeee beee like this.for god sake...please buy new phone hubby....I need you....why you acting like this babe.oh my...

Sometimes....I just wonderinh..what will happen if I do what he did to me? Hahaha....crazy right...yup...last week...I asked some advice from rusa..hmm...he just tellin me the truth.he said "I have 2 choice which is A. Wait for my fiancee B. Just let him go. He said we have to be a gamble person.ok..admit that my fiancee said he will come to marry me after 5 years.5 years waiting for him??? Without messages, calls and meet each other????? Oh god.please la.and you know what.I choose A.of course I'll wait for him.that's my final decision.dont ask me to do anything.ok?

Hopefully he will understand me.awww...missss himm damn much.XOXO

sayang abang.......

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